Letters to the Editor

  • Applauding initiative

    Wisconsin’s LGBT communities need a great deal more visibility if we are to reach our potential as vibrant, contributing members of the cities and towns in which we live. Our diversity is our strength; our invisibility is our challenge. Wisconsin Gazette promises to be a community resource and asset, one that will help promote our events, recognize our successes and explore our challenges. Conne.... Read More
  • I am one

    We may not yet be apparent, but there are transgender Episcopalians. I am one and, with several transgender sisters and brothers, incarnated an otherwise abstract “issue” at July’s General Convention in Anaheim, California, as a member of the TransEpiscopal delegation that sought recognition of our existence and action on the real issues — social, political, economic, and ecclesial — tha.... Read More
  • Fight with Fair

    Recently we were proud to share with you the news that Fair Wisconsin and Lambda Legal have joined forces to protect Wisconsin’s domestic partnership law from a vicious and meanspirited attack brought by the anti-gay group Wisconsin Family Action. Fair Wisconsin is doing everything it can to make sure these basic legal protections for same-sex couples are upheld in court, but we need your help. .... Read More
  • Sheboygan woman strips for no reason

    SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (AP) -- Police say a 36-year-old Sheboygan woman stripped in front of her kids in an attempt to avoid arrest for shoplifting, then scuffled with officers and exposed herself through a squad car window.  Julia E. Laack was charged Friday with felony battery of a peace officer, resisting an officer, shoplifting and two counts of disorderly conduct. The criminal complaint alleges sh.... Read More