Letters to the Editor

  • Open letter from a Target employee

    Earlier today, I received word that local LBGT groups plan to protest at the newly opened Wilson Yard Target Store over the retailer’s recent corporate donation made to MN Forward. As a Wilson Yard team member, I feel torn between my job and my lifestyle. While I cannot in good conscience insert my raw opinion either way into the matter as I have a personal stake with both sides, I do .... Read More
  • Plea for equality

    The following is part of a letter signed by 19 Dane County supervisors and sent to President Obama and the members of Wisconsin’s congressional delegation: We respectfully request your immediate support for a set of federal civil rights measures that would help ensure equal rights for all citizens, regardless of sexual orientation. Dane County is home to  many citizens who identify as lesbi.... Read More
  • Train to the future

    Fear is something we all have to face in our lives. Whether it is fear of not having a job, being discriminated against for your race/religion/sexual orientation or just being afraid of the dark, we all have fears that we hope to overcome one day. I am tired of being afraid of where our transportation system has taken us. Over the last few years our country has faced a devastating oil spill, has w.... Read More
  • AIDS Ride returns less than stated

    I am writing in reference to your article on the ACT 8 Ride. The Wisconsin Gazette article on the AIDS Network ACT Ride stated, “There are still critics who contend the rides do not return as much as promised, but coordinator Melissa Kruser contends that every dollar netted is essential to AIDS Network’s operating budget.” I am one of those critics. I served on the AIDS Network board of dir.... Read More
  • Tribute to Carol

    I appreciated your articles on Carol Stevens’ life. Below is a poem I wrote, and read at her memorial service. I hope you can share it with your readers, and all the many people who loved Carol. “Carol Stevens Meets the Big Dipper” Earth receive a beloved guest;Carol Stevens has come to rest.Birds fall silent in their nests,The river dries in its distress;Hills are flat with emptiness.Yet .... Read More
  • Where there’s smoke …

    I found the recent opinion piece by Jennifer Cadenas on second-hand smoke at PrideFest and the Pride Parade interesting. While I am a non-smoker, I do have several smoking friends and am more than pleased with the indoor smoking ban now in effect. But I’m disappointed with Cadenas’ willingness to impose her rules on smokers. All of her ground rules affect areas which are open air, whether at.... Read More
  • PrideFest and the Parade

    The (July 1) issue of Wisconsin Gazette had some thoughtful articles on the Pride celebrations in Milwaukee in June. I have my own thoughts to add regarding the Pride Parade. I believe the time has come to address the issue of the timing of the Pride Parade. After 2003, Milwaukee’s Pride Parade was eliminated by the PrideFest committee, which was experiencing serious financial difficulties. T.... Read More
  • Race Does Matter in More Ways Than One

    I applaud the Wisconsin Gazette for the June 3 article on race and the LGBT movement as it gives me an opportunity to discuss diversity and inclusion at the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center. The Community Center is one of the most diverse and inclusive LGBT organizations in the city.  Our board of directors is diverse (38 percent people of color) and the center’s staff is equally diverse (38 per.... Read More
  • Maria Cadenas applause

    Maria Cadenas of the Cream City Foundation must be applauded for her recent opinion piece in the Wisconsin Gazette. She eloquently notes the ongoing issue of addressing race as we seek to create healthy and supportive LGBT communities. Cadenas goes on to observe that race is used to limit power and protections to large groups of people, including LGBT people. The intersection of race, gender, gend.... Read More
  • Dear president

    The following letter was sent by Marquette students to university president Fr. Robert A. Wild: You taught us to listen to reason, to be open to discourse and to show concern for all on whom our actions will have impact. You taught us to respect the dignity and the inherent, unassailable value of every single human person. You taught us to love learning and to value the free and open expression of.... Read More