Letters to the Editor

  • Bullying revisited

    Your article in the July 14 issue about the California student who committed suicide touched me deeply. It brought back memories of the daily harassment I endured from seventh grade through graduation in 1982. I did not come out until age 33, but everyone perceived me to be gay. I wasn’t good at sports, I was skinny, and I wore glasses. I endured the same harassment as Shawn Walsh and more. In a.... Read More
  • Bachmann mockery is misguided

    I know it’s a holiday weekend but I need to share some disappointment I have with members of the LGBT and ally community because it reached a tipping point this morning. In the past week I’ve had several people, including some from the LGBT activist community, make comments mocking the perceived sexuality of Marcus Bachmann. I find this completely unacceptable. Think about the terrible example.... Read More
  • Alberta Darling’s bad joke

    In a recent interview, state Sen. Alberta Darling said, “The positive thing is now we’re going forward and especially in education.” Moving forward especially in education? Moving forward by cutting $1.6 billion from our public schools? Moving forward by decreasing funding for the UW system by $250 million? Moving forward by slashing funding for our world-class technical schools by 30 percen.... Read More
  • Facebook joke

    Remember when teachers, public employees, Planned Parenthood, NPR and PBS crashed the stock market, wiped out half our 401(k)s, took trillions in taxpayer-funded bailouts, spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico, gave themselves billions in bonuses, and paid no taxes? Yeah, me neither. … Pass it on. Ubiquitous Facebook post.... Read More
  • 30 years after

    Thirty years after the start of the AIDS epidemic, we are still struggling with stigma, misinformation and fear of those infected with HIV. Just this week, while drinking with friends and colleagues, I was reminded of how much more work we have to do when it comes to educating the public. We ordered a huge drink (bucket sized), one that came complete with six fun neon straws. Folks were chatting, .... Read More
  • Creating a safe and tasteful parade

    The Milwaukee Pride Parade would like to take the opportunity to speak up about all the great things we have done in the past year to ensure that the Pride Parade is better, safer and more family-friendly than ever in 2011. The Pride parade has had to overcome a lot of logistical problems in its seven years of operation, including uninsured vehicles in the parade, non-registered units joining the .... Read More
  • Appropriate attire

    With Pridefest coming up, I’m just wondering how others feel about the Pride parade. I’m not happy about people dressing inappropriately. No, I am not a stuffy old queen, but do we really need people flaunting their boobs or guys with fake dicks hanging out for children to see? Are we not marching for acceptance? People who are being obviously vulgar should be thrown out of the parade. Am I ju.... Read More
  • Revenue correction

    The news that state revenues are $636 million higher than originally projected is a gift from the Democratic majority from the last budget. Our responsible budgeting that raised revenue from the most wealthy, closed corporate tax loopholes and held the line on taxes for the poor and middle-class has paid off. Now, it is up to Republicans to be as responsible as Democrats were two years ago. Republ.... Read More
  • Gay marriage is good for business

    (An open letter from 24 New York business leaders urging members of the state’s legislature to legalize same-sex marriage.) New York has rich resources that position our state for continued success in the 21st century – a leading financial center, strong industry clusters, and renowned educational, research and cultural institutions. But major employers know that the single greatest asset New .... Read More
  • Health care reform and HIV

    The health care reform law just celebrated its first birthday. The HIV/AIDS community, for the most part, has been supportive of the president’s health care efforts. We’ve paid the price that comes with a government that does not embrace our sick. More than most, we felt a moral urgency to pass this legislation. That doesn’t mean, however, we blindly fight all efforts to change the law. .... Read More