• ‘OPEN’ for business | Madison group for LGBT professionals grows

    Out professionals in Madison now have an in. The establishment of the Out Professional and Executive Network offers the infrastructure and visibility for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied professionals to make connections and build support on the work front that many once had to find on their own. Kim Nemechek, an OPEN director at large and real estate broker for Bunbury Realtors, app.... Read More
  • AIDS center set to receive grant

    AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin is set to receive an $800,000 state grant to support the renovation and expansion of its Green Bay facility, along with the expansion of its Milwaukee dental clinic. In mid-December, the Wisconsin Building Commission approved release of the grant, which was allocated as part of the 2009-2010 Wisconsin state budget. “While so many other states are slashing AIDS b.... Read More
  • The icon of Club ICON: Clint Jones

    His resume reads like a corporate success story of MBA-related experience in banking, credit, and revenue cycles for big business. But he’s also the proprietor of Club ICON, the gay go-to dance club along the I-94 corridor access road in Kenosha. Clinton M. Jones is smart and savvy. He’s entrepreneurial and connected to the LGBT community from Chicago to Milwaukee. This dashing thirty-somethin.... Read More
  • Supporters in majority at marijuana hearing

    Backers and opponents of medical marijuana got their chance to speak out Dec. 15 at a hearing before the Assembly and Senate health committees, which are weighing a bill to legalize its use in Wisconsin. One hundred and three people spoke or registered in favor of the bill, while only nine testified against it. The bill was introduced last month by openly gay state Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Madison, and .... Read More
  • Madison police investigate attack on gay man

    MADISON — Madison police are investigating a report from a man who said he was the victim of a brutal anti-gay assault early Nov. 1. Jordan Miller, 22, of Salem, said he was thrown from a 10-foot balcony and severely beaten by four men while attending a Halloween party in the 400 block of W. Doty St. According to Miller, the attack followed an altercation with a woman who called him a “fag” .... Read More
  • Ten Chimneys’ exhibit headed for Oscars

    WAUKESHA COUNTY — A Noel Coward exhibit developed at Ten Chimneys in Waukesha County is headed for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, where it will be displayed during “Oscar season.” Coward, the legendary playwright and songwriter, was a regular guest at Ten Chimneys during its heyday, often accompanied by his life partner Graham Payn. The summer home of theater greats Alfred .... Read More
  • Diverse and Resilient awarded $55,000 grant for education work

    The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families awarded a $55,000 grant to Diverse and Resilient for a program to educate middle and high school teachers about special risks for LGBT youth. The program will give educators information and skills to address school violence, drug and alcohol abuse, smoking and mental health concerns among LGBT students. GSA for Safe Schools, a Madison-based organiz.... Read More
  • Wisconsin lawmakers introduce medical marijuana legislation

    MADISON—A bill introduced Nov. 16 seeks to decriminalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Co-sponsored by openly gay Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Madison, and Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Waunakee, the legislation would require patients to obtain a prescription from a doctor to receive marijuana, which could either be grown at home or obtained through a licensed nonprofit dispensary. The state would ke.... Read More
  • A change of place: Racine’s mayor wants more LGBTs in his ‘Belle City.’

    RACINE — Gays and gentrification. Maybe not quite yet like love and marriage, but the two do tend to go together like a horse and carriage when it comes to finding and fixing up urban diamonds in the rough. Asbury Park, N.J. Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. Boystown in Chicago. The Oak Lawns/Cedar Springs area of Dallas. They all are among the neighborhoods where gay people have settled to rest.... Read More
  • Still ‘out’ front

    MADISON — Shortly after joining Congress, Tammy Baldwin took her partner to an official event and gave her a “spouse pin” to wear. A woman approached Baldwin’s partner, Lauren Azar, as she stood at a buffet table and asked, “Oh, who’s your husband?” “Lauren said, ‘Tammy Baldwin,’” Baldwin remembers. “And the woman sort of sputtered and lost it and put down her plate and ran.... Read More