• Slain transgender people remembered around world

    NEW YORK (AP) — A year ago this month, Lateisha Green, a transgender woman, was shot to death as she sat in a car outside a house party in upstate New York. In July, a Syracuse jury convicted Dwight DeLee of manslaughter as a hate crime. And on Friday, people from New York to the Netherlands gathered to remember Green and other hate crime victims like her on the 11th annual Transgender Day of Re.... Read More
  • Why do we hate? Academics seek answer in new field

    SPOKANE, Washington (AP) — Why did the Nazis hate the Jews? Why did the Hutus hate the Tutsis? Hate is everywhere, but the fundamental question of why one person can hate another has never been studied adequately, contends Jim Mohr of Gonzaga University, who is developing a new academic field of hate studies. The goal is to explain a condition that has plagued humanity since one caveman looked a.... Read More
  • Staff of shuttered DC Blade starts new gay paper

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Washington Blade may have been shuttered, but the staff behind the oldest U.S. newspaper for gays and lesbians is still hard at work. On Friday, they relaunched their publication as D.C. Agenda. The eight-page newsletter’s top headline is “Our mission continues.” The staff is working on a 16-page edition for this week and hope to be back on newsprint by Dec. 4. They g.... Read More
  • Lesbian US war deserter wins stay of deportation

    TORONTO (AP) – A lesbian who deserted the U.S. military and fled to Canada must be given another chance to plead her case for refugee status, Canada's Federal Court ruled Friday. Judge Yves de Montigny said the board erred last February when it rejected Bethany Smith's bid for refugee status. Smith says she fled the army because she was harassed and threatened by fellow soldiers over her sexual .... Read More