• After firing, popular Wal-Mart checker becomes star

    A month ago, Frank Swanson was a checker, pretty much a lifer, at Wal-Mart in West Plains, Missouri. He’s 52, disabled and long known for smiles and hugs. Shoppers loved him. They would purposely get in his line because they wanted to visit with Frank. But then came April 2, the day of the gallon jug of Red Diamond Sweet Tea and the end of Frank the checkout guy. Turned out all those h.... Read More
  • A day with Prince at Paisley Park

    In September 2014, Associated Press Global Entertainment Editor Nekesa Mumbi Moody spent a day with Prince at Paisley Park. The following story was originally published on Sept. 29, 2014: Nightfall is fast approaching at Paisley Park. There are few lights on in the cavernous compound, and unseen doves (of course there would be doves) are cooing up a racket before twilight fades to darknes.... Read More
  • Prince dies at age 57

    Prince, the innovative music superstar whose hits included "Purple Rain" and "When Doves Cry" and whose songwriting and eccentric stage presence electrified fans around the world, died on April 21 in Minnesota, his publicist said. He was 57. "It is with profound sadness that I am confirming that the legendary, iconic performer, Prince Rogers Nelson, has died," said publicist Anna Meacham. P.... Read More
  • Treasury: Front of new $20 to feature Harriet Tubman

    Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew announced a portrait of Harriet Tubman will be featured on the front of the new $20. Lew also announced plans for the reverse of the new $10 to feature an image of the historic march for suffrage that ended on the steps of the Treasury Department and honor the leaders of the suffrage movement — Lucretia Mott, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stan.... Read More
  • Wise words: Commencement season to begin

    Students may be shaking spring-break sand from their flip-flops, but commencement celebrations are just weeks away for colleges and universities. Many Wisconsin colleges and universities — public and private — plan commencement ceremonies in May and are lining up speakers. NFL quarterback Russell Wilson will deliver the spring commencement address on May 14 at the University of Wisconsi.... Read More
  • Demand for the new Tesla is wild

    Demand for the new Tesla Model 3 has been eye-popping, with consumers pre-ordering about $13.7 billion worth of the electric sedans nearly two years before they go on sale. Yet experts aren’t yet ready to proclaim it’s a tipping point with mainstream America moving from burning gasoline to charging batteries. The reason? Most of the 325,000 people worldwide who put down $1,000 deposits a.... Read More
  • Protesters target big money in politics

    Protesters channeling themes from the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders dumped faux contributions into Boston Harbor on April 15, one of some 30 demonstrations planned across the country against big money in politics. In Washington, about a dozen members of the liberal action Democracy Spring cuffed themselves inside the Capitol rotunda in a protest of the influence of spe.... Read More
  • Study: Climate change poses health risks

    The United States Global Change Research Program this week released an assessment of a growing public health threat — climate change. The report, The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States: A Scientific Assessment, strengthens the understanding of the risks that a changing climate poses to human health and welfare. The report also highlights factors that make .... Read More
  • Offshore accounts hide wealth, avoid taxes

    Privacy has a price. For the super-wealthy, it can also have a big payoff. The use of offshore accounts and favorable laws in certain countries can allow rich individuals and families to keep their money hidden from the eyes of tax authorities, regulators and others in their home country. Here's a look at how offshore accounts are used, both legally and illegally, in the wake of an investigati.... Read More
  • Complaints drive Lands’ End to issue apology for featuring feminist Gloria Steinem in catalog

    Wisconsin-based retailer Lands' End is apologizing to customers for featuring an interview with feminist and political activist Gloria Steinem in its spring catalog and has removed references to her from its website. The company removed a feature on Steinem from its website after customers complained about her support for abortion rights, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. The retailer issue.... Read More