• Majority milestone reached in marriage poll

    For years, gay civil rights advocates have emphasized that a majority cannot dictate discrimination against a minority. It’s not likely any civil rights advocates will abandon that argument, but they may not have to make it as often. New polling from the Princeton-based Gallup Inc. shows a majority of Americans support marriage equality and an even larger bloc support some form of partnership re.... Read More
  • Fighting back against the GOP attack on privacy

    Chris Taylor is currently on leave as the public policy director for Planned Parenthood to run for a seat in the Assembly. It is untenable that in 2011 the basic rights we have struggled for hundreds of years to acquire are under threat in Wisconsin. The ideals of fairness and equality for everyone weave our communities together and make the fight for basic human dignity a common one. Yet Gov. Wal.... Read More
  • More men having cosmetic procedures

    For every aging baby boomer like Donald Trump who doesn’t care how he looks, there’s a growing number of men who take pride in their appearance. Despite the recession, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported a 2 percent uptick last year in men undergoing cosmetic procedures – both surgical and non-invasive. That translates into more than 1.1 million procedures performed on men in 2.... Read More
  • From tragedy steps a hero – who happens to be gay

    The year has brought tragedy and triumph for Daniel Hernandez Jr. When 2011 arrived, there was no inkling that a week later Hernandez – a speaker June 11 at PrideFest – would be caught in a mass shooting or that he would emerge from that tragedy to be hailed a hero honored by his president, his state and his communities. At the start of the year, Hernandez, an openly gay 21-year-old political .... Read More
  • Standing in solidarity with our allies

    As summer fast approaches and Pride celebrations pop up around the country, now is a good time to look back at the year that was and what lies ahead. This is also a good time to reflect on who stands with us, and who’s against us. One year ago, Wisconsin began to rebuild from a hateful constitutional amendment that excluded same-sex couples from marriage and civil unions in Wisconsin. We made gr.... Read More
  • Grillo’s celebrated singing career still evolving

    Out Milwaukee jazz singer Jerry Grillo has a lot to be proud of this year. In April, the Wisconsin Area Music Industry named him jazz artist of the year. He was chosen from a group of exceptionally talented nominees, including a Grammy Award winner. While the awards are handed out annually, Grillo thinks his was an acknowledgment of his entire career. He has performed in Wisconsin as a solo artist.... Read More
  • Old Navy offers Pride t-shirts

    Old Navy launched a line of LGBT Pride T-shirts on Memorial Day. Ten percent of proceeds from sales of the shirts will benefit the It Gets Better Project in support of LGBT youth. One of the T-shirts features rainbow-colored letters emblazoned across a white background, spelling out: “Love proudly, Old Navy Pride 2011.” Another features a rainbow block against a dark background. Old Navy, owne.... Read More
  • Stella achievement | an interview with Stella of the Heat Birds

    When Stella, the out lead singer of the Heat Birds, sings, people stop in their tracks. She has that kind of voice. You want to get close to it, soak it in, tap into its aura. It’s warm as a wool sweater, but cool as club soda on ice. A voice like Stella’s deserves musicians and material to match its level, and that’s exactly what you get with the Heat Birds. The ensemble plays the kind of A.... Read More
  • The best of PrideFest

    Kudos to the organizers of the 2011 Milwaukee Pridefest. They have once again proven that they have their well-manicured fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in pop culture and entertainment. Take Oscar-winner, comedian and force of nature Mo’Nique, for instance. She might seem like a bit of a surprise as the June 10 headliner on the Miller Lite Main Stage, but with her devoted LGBT follow.... Read More
  • Rainbow follows tornado

    The rainbow. Look for it in Joplin, Mo., where two weeks after the deadliest single tornado in recorded national weather history, a community is recovering, rebuilding, re-energizing and reaffirming. With rainbow flags raised, grills fired and DJs spinning, Pride, as scheduled, will go in Joplin’s Schifferdecker Park on June 11. “We want to move forward with Pride, we have to move forward,” .... Read More