• President proclaims Pride Month

    As he did last year, Barack Obama proclaimed June LGBT Pride Month. The president, in the proclamation, said since that Independence Day, Americans have strived to create a nation where all are created equal, with the same rights, privileges and opportunities. Not yet fulfilled in the quest is equality for LGBT citizens, Obama stated. “We renew our commitment to the struggle for equal rights for.... Read More
  • PrideFest breaks attendance records

    PrideFest 2010 broke all prior attendance records, drawing 30,358 visitors, according to organizers. Entertainment headliners included Kathy Griffin, Patti LaBelle and Joan Rivers. Among visitors to the three-day event were Milwaukee mayor and gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett. In addition to entertainment, the festival hosted a health and wellness area where BestD Clinic provided free HIV testi.... Read More
  • Recognizing leadership

    State Rep. Sandy Pasch presents a leadership award from Fair Wisconsin to WiG Publishing CEO Leonard Sobczak. The award ceremony, which also honored Diverse and Resilient and the Milwaukee Fair Wisconsin Action Network, was held at the PrideFest grounds June 11..... Read More
  • Milwaukee loves a parade

    Creating a parade float takes imagination, time and a lot of elbow grease. Just ask the staff and volunteers who worked on La Cage’s float for the Milwaukee Pride Parade on June 13. More than 20 people labored 60 hours over the concoction, creating some 200 handmade tissue flowers in the process, said La Cage bartender Brian Rochon. Sporting a pair of sunglass frames made from pink Lady Shick sh.... Read More
  • Should we ask if Supreme Court nominee is gay?

    She plays softball. Huge hint, right? She’s 50, single and has a short haircut. Yup, definitely a lesbian. Or is she? And if so (though that appears to be a big “if”), so what? Should it matter? These are questions that have circulated about Elena Kagan for a while. But since President Barack Obama introduced her as his next nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, the speculation has never been g.... Read More
  • Gay rights in the U.S.: a historical timeline

    1924 The country’s earliest known gay rights organization – the Society for Human Rights – is founded in Chicago. Alfred Kinsey’s “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” shows that homosexuality is far more widespread than previously believed. 1951 Harry Hay co-founds The Mattachine Society, the first national gay rights organization. 1956 The Daughters of Bilitis, a national lesbian .... Read More
  • Believing out loud | Franksville United Methodist Church

    While the United Methodist Church vacillates on its position about homosexuality and the status of gay people in the church, Franksville United Methodist Church has boldly gone where few have gone before – first quietly accepting, then loudly proclaiming its embrace of LGBT people. In December 2008, church members officially adopted a statement declaring FUMC a “reconciling” church, making i.... Read More
  • The Making of PrideFest

    Most of the LGBT community spends a couple of weeks getting ready for PrideFest. We save a little extra money for our tickets and beer, arrange a babysitter or dog-walker and maybe pick out the perfect T-shirt for spending the day in the sun. But for the PrideFest production team and board, planning the festival is a year-round activity. Starting the day after PrideFest closes and continuing for a.... Read More
  • Beyond acceptance | Wisconsin’s PFLAG members shift into activism

    One late night in 1994, Kay Heggestad’s 16-year-old son came to her and her husband and made an announcement: “I’m gay.” “I was extremely surprised,” Heggestad said. “Neither my husband nor I had any idea. (My son) was in plays and drama club, dressed nicely, got good grades and he went to prom. He even brought girls to the house sometimes.” “We didn’t give him any grief – we.... Read More
  • MILKING IT | Activists make the most of first Harvey Milk Day

    ‘Get Milk” read the T-shirt slogan that curved over a black-on-red image of Harvey Milk. “I made it myself,” 17-year-old Logan Pierce boasted. “In art class.” In a business class, the high school student picked up a few tips on how to sell the T-shirts at the first annual Harvey Milk Festival, held May 22 in the Rosemary District of downtown Sarasota, Fla. “Harvey, he was a cool dude.... Read More