• Cubans pour across border, raising issue of double standard

    EL PASO, Texas — As the morning light seeps into the chapel of an immigrant shelter here just blocks north of the U.S.-Mexico border, a man sleeps undisturbed on a cot, wrapped in a comforter. The chapel doesn’t normally serve as a bedroom, but for months the rest of the rooms at the Annunciation House shelter have been full. From February to May, about 4,000 Cubans crossed over the Rio Gra.... Read More
  • Court to weigh Obama’s immigration orders

    The raging political fight over immigration comes to the Supreme Court on Monday in a dispute that could affect millions of people who are in the United States illegally. The court is weighing the fate of Obama administration programs that could shield roughly 4 million people from deportation and grant them the legal right to hold a job. Among them is Teresa Garcia of suburban Seattle, who .... Read More
  • Supreme Court will review Obama’s executive order on immigration

    The U.S. Supreme Court agreed today to review President Barack Obama's December 2014 executive order granting up to 5 million undocumented residents the right to work legally in the United States, including 34,000 in Wisconsin. The justices said they’ll consider the constitutionality of Obama’s plan, which lower courts blocked from taking effect after 26 Republican governors, including Scott W.... Read More
  • Democrats furious over immigration raids

    Congressional Democrats confronted White House officials over holiday-season raids seeking Central American immigrants for deportation, accusing the administration of spreading terror through immigrant communities. U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois said that President Barack Obama risks all the goodwill he has built up over the last year through his executive actions sparing millions from depor.... Read More
  • Homeland Security planning immigration raids in early 2016

    The Homeland Security Department is planning nationwide raids aimed at deporting adults and children who have already been ordered removed by an immigration judge. The Washington Post reported that the operation from Immigration and Customs Enforcement would begin as soon as next month and would likely affect hundreds of immigrants who fled violence in Central America since the start of 2014. ICE .... Read More
  • Koch brothers push Latinos to vote GOP

    Charles and David Koch have launched a multimillion-dollar marketing effort aimed at persuading Latinos to vote Republican in 2016, and Milwaukee is high on their list of targeted cities. The Libre Initiative recently announced it’s in the process of hiring a state field director based in the Milwaukee area. The director won’t have to travel far to coordinate with the group’s national spokes.... Read More
  • Sanders details ‘Family First’ plan for immigration reform

    Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders this week introduced a plan to reform the nation's immigration system. The U.S. senator's plan puts families first, focuses on common sense reforms to build the middle class and embraces our nation’s diversity, according to a news release from his campaign. “As we gather with our loved ones to give thanks, we should reflect on the fact that not all families .... Read More
  • White House calls Paul Ryan’s remarks on immigration ‘preposterous’

    The White House accused new House Speaker Paul Ryan on Nov. 2 of "pandering to the extreme right wing" of his party on immigration. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Ryan's recent comments on immigration reform are "preposterous" and disappointing. The Wisconsin Republican said on Nov. 1 that he's ruled out passing comprehensive immigration legislation while President Barack Obama is in.... Read More
  • Coalition rallies for Milwaukee ID card

    A coalition on Nov. 2 rallied in support of a Milwaukee County budget amendment to create a work group to produce a Milwaukee ID card. After the rally, about 20 people spoke in support of Milwaukee IDs during a hearing held by the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors. The ID would be available through a partnership between the city and the county. The budget amendment creating a work group to pr.... Read More
  • Coalition backing local ID card in Milwaukee

    A coalition of progressive community organizations and public officials on Oct. 5 are announcing their support for legislation creating a local identification card to be available to all people in the city of Milwaukee. The program would be established through a city-county partnership. Milwaukee IDs will benefit many undocumented and under-documented people, including immigrants, formerly incarce.... Read More