• Kloppenburg best choice for court

    Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser began his campaign for retention by boasting that he would serve on the bench as a “compliment” (sic) to the agenda of Gov. Scott Walker and the state’s GOP majority. So much for the quaint ideals of blind justice and accurate spelling. In the short time since Prosser made his announcement, one that instantly relieved him of any shred of credibil.... Read More
  • Kloppenburg would oust right-wing judge

    If assistant Attorney General Joanne Kloppenburg prevails in her race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, she will replace right-wing Justice David Prosser, who’s up for retention on April 5. Unlike Prosser, Kloppen-burg believes there’s no room for politics in interpreting the law. She objects to an early campaign press release from Prosser in which he announced his intention to “complement”.... Read More
  • Unlike Stone, Abele backs LGBT rights

    In many ways, the race for Milwaukee County executive will be seen as a referendum on Scott Walker, who held the position before he was elected governor last November. Republican state Rep. Jeff Stone vowed to continue the governor’s policies before Walker’s popularity fell in recent weeks. Stone’s opponent Chris Abele, on the other hand, is a Democrat who’s determined to bring change to t.... Read More
  • Progressives vow to hold GOP lawmakers accountable

    On the eve of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s official inaugural celebration at Madison’s Monona Terrace, local progressive groups united to raise $4,000 to feed the hungry while sending a message of defiance to Republican leaders. One Wisconsin Now hosted Rock The Pantry at the Majestic Theater, 115 King St., in response to Walker’s inaugural ball, which many have criticized for benefiting hi.... Read More
  • Equality advocates prepared to defend registry

    Equality advocates are uncertain whether Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will continue to mount a legal defense of the state’s domestic partner registry. But they’ve taken steps to ensure the registry is represented in court, regardless of the governor’s decision. In December, Fair Wisconsin won legal standing for the group – along with five same-sex couples – to intervene in the case. Lambd.... Read More
  • The conservative tide: how high will it rise?

    In his inaugural address, Gov. Scott Walker might have fired his administration’s opening salvo against LGBT equality when he vowed to “honor and respect the foundational role of the family in our society.” Although most LGBT people would agree with Walker’s statement on its face value, it sounded to many like standard-issue rhetoric from the anti-gay right. “I certainly saw that line, a.... Read More
  • MIDTERM MADNESS | GOP seizes House, makes Senate gains

    When maps are redrawn, often either a coup or a disaster are involved. And maps were redrawn Nov. 2, with voters giving the Republican Party the majority in the U.S. House and awarding gains to the GOP in the U.S. Senate and governors’ mansions. The morning after, the GOP’s top leaders refrained from claiming a coup and Democratic leaders denied a political disaster. But activists with the pop.... Read More
  • Gay candidates score at the polls

      Today, three of the 435 members of Congress are openly gay. That number will increase by one in January, when a new House of Representatives is sworn in and seated in the capitol. On Nov. 2, Rhode Island voters elected openly gay Providence Mayor David Cicilline, D, to Congress, keeping the seat held by Patrick J. Kennedy in the Democratic fold. Also on Election Day, voters in her Wisconsin dis.... Read More
  • State turns right

    In a striking political reversal from just two years ago, conservative Republicans prevailed in races throughout the state on Nov. 2. It was the first time since 1938 that Republicans in Wisconsin gained a governor and U.S. senator in the same election, and the state was the only one where Democrats lost the governorship, a Senate seat and the legislature. The GOP also took several congressional s.... Read More
  • Nov. 2 election endorsements

    The following list of endorsements includes candidates recommended by WiG, Fair Wisconsin/HRL-PAC and Planned Parenthood. Endorsements are based on candidates’ positions on equality, reproductive freedom and women’s health. GOVERNOR Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett LT. GOVERNOR State Rep. Tom Nelson ATT. GENERAL Scott Hassett US SENATE Russ Feingold US CONGRESS CD 2 - Rep. Tammy Baldwin.... Read More