• Maine rescue effort fails at ballot box

    PORTLAND, Maine — The stars seemed aligned for supporters of gay marriage. They had Maine’s governor, legislative leaders and major newspapers on their side, plus a huge edge in campaign funding. So losing a landmark referendum was a devastating blow for activists in Maine and nationwide. “Our freedoms have been stripped away, but we must and will win them back,” said Jennifer Chrisler of .... Read More
  • Results show AIDS vaccine is of modest help

    Fresh results from the world’s first successful test of an experimental AIDS vaccine confirm that it is only marginally effective. Yet, the findings are exciting to scientists who think they may show how to make a better vaccine. “This study becomes a landmark. You can put it on a map and begin to figure out where you go from here,” said Col. Jerome Kim, the U.S. Army doctor who co-led the t.... Read More
  • ENDA hearings held

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. lawmakers are getting to work on a measure intended to guard against anti-LGBT discrimination on the job. The U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee this month held the Senate’s first hearing on the fully inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which bans workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. ENDA, intended t.... Read More
  • Texas liquor board to make changes after bar raid

    FORT WORTH, Texas — Texas’ liquor board plans to change the way it conducts investigations into excessive use of force allegations, the agency said earlier this month, after its agents were accused of wrongdoing during a raid at a gay bar that left a customer with severe head wounds. Fort Worth police, who assisted during the raid, also plan to change their policies on bar checks and public in.... Read More
  • Man guilty of 2007 Florida killing

    BARTOW, Fla. — A central Florida man was convicted of first-degree murder in a 2007 anti-gay killing. A Polk County jury convicted 22-year-old William Brown Jr. in early November. Brown had pleaded guilty to charges of arson and tampering with evidence. Brown and 23-year-old Joseph Bearden killed 25-year-old Ryan Skipper March 14, 2007. The two men stole Skipper’s car, stabbed him repeatedly .... Read More
  • Oregon may vote on marriage

    SALEM, Ore. — Gay rights backers intend to ask Oregon voters to reverse the state’s ban on gay marriage in a ballot question. Basic Rights Oregon said this month that it hopes to put the issue back before Oregon voters as soon as 2012. In 2004, Oregon voters passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as being between a man and a woman..... Read More
  • State groups rally for health care bill

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — State LGBT groups are urging members to ask their congressional delegations to support the Affordable Health Care for All America Act. The measure, in addition to a public option to expand coverage, includes a number of provisions of specific interest to LGBTs, data collection that includes sexual orientation and gender identity and strict prohibitions on discrimination in he.... Read More
  • LDS church backs Salt Lake anti-discrimination law

    SALT LAKE CITY — Pioneering Mormon activists, like their Mormon elders so many years ago, hauled a handcart into Salt Lake City Nov. 4. The old wooden cart held a trunk containing petitions circulated by the Foundation for Reconciliation and bearing the signatures of 2,000 people who want the LDS church to examine how “official statements, rhetoric, policy and practice have been injurious to g.... Read More
  • Puerto Rico police make arrest in beheading

    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Police Nov. 17 arrested a suspect in the slaying of a teenager whose decapitated remains were found along a road in southern Puerto Rico. Police commandant Eliezer Colon said the suspect was detained at his home early Nov. 17. The suspect, at the time, had not been identified because he had not been formally charged. The burned and dismembered body of 19-year-old Jorge St.... Read More
  • Vaccine prevents some HIV infection, Advance heralded

    “While these results give us great hope, a fully effective HIV vaccine is still a ways off,” said Marjorie J. Hill, chief executive officer of Gay Men’s Health Crisis. “In the meantime, we know that using condoms and not sharing needles are two of the most effective HIV prevention technologies. With 7,500 people newly infected each day around the world, comprehensive sex education and acce.... Read More