• Tours, museum recreate Derby Day excitement

    Although you might not be able to attend the Kentucky Derby this year, you can experience Churchill Downs excitement year-round. Within its gates there’s a fascinating museum that’s certain to awe racing enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike.  One of the country’s most famous racetracks, known for its emblematic tall, white spires, Churchill Downs has been the center of Kentucky horseracing.... Read More
  • Exploring literary Dublin and Bloomsday

    James Joyce immortalized this misty port city in his literary epic “Ulysses,” though many Dubliners freely admit they haven’t read a word of the stream-of-consciousness novel. That doesn’t stop them from throwing a huge celebration every June 16, honoring the day in 1904 when the fictional Leopold Bloom perambulated through the streets of the author’s hometown. Every year, thousands of J.... Read More
  • Wineries – and now breweries – make Door County a spirited destination

    Wisconsin’s Door County isn’t Napa Valley, but seven wineries dot the 483-square-mile peninsula. Two of the wineries also brew beer and one of the two produces distilled spirits. There is a third brewery just starting out and a hard cider operation on the peninsula’s northern end. All of this makes Door County an excellent destination for travelers with a spirited vacation in mind. TIME FOR .... Read More
  • An app launches for Provincetown travelers

    A smartphone app to help guide visitors to Provincetown, Mass., has debuted. And it isn't an ordinary travel app – 'Useful Information' depicts Ernestine, the Lily Tomlin's telephone operator who made "one, ringy, dingy" a classic skit. Provincetown went digital with the iPtown app to help visitors and locals find services, food and lodging, shopping, special events and happenings around town. .... Read More
  • Catching some (sting) rays at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium

    Petting a stingray is something I decided to do for the experience rather than the pleasure. But as I discovered at the Shedd Aquarium’s current exhibit “Stingray Touch,” the sensation of touching a stingray’s back as it glides effortlessly through the water is anything but unpleasant. Open through October, “Stingray Touch” is the Shedd’s sole exterior exhibit. Housed under a brown c.... Read More
  • Worldwide pride | A schedule of events

    The rainbow flags are flying to commemorate LGBT Pride in dozens of cities in 2013, with many of the celebrations taking place in June to mark the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York City in 1969. Each celebration is unique to its community. The parade is the main event in some locations, while, in other cities, the main draw may be a rally, a concert, a market, a night at the ballpark,.... Read More
  • From mountain top to desert floor, three easy ways to enjoy Palm Springs

    With spring so late in arriving this year, winter-weary Wisconsin residents can’t be blamed for dreaming of a warm-weather getaway. What better place than Palm Springs, Calif.? There’s still a hip, Rat-Pack vibe to this celebrity-packed small town, located about 100 miles east of Los Angeles. While the original Rat Pack is long gone, the homes remain where Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Liberace and.... Read More
  • St. Paul’s hot in the coldest weather

    Residents of St. Paul still bridle over a New York reporter who once described Minnesota’s capital as uninhabitable during the winter months. Hardy local residents well conditioned to the season chuckle over the apparently delicate natures of New York’s residents – or at least its writers. If anything, St. Paul has become a hot winter destination, with more outdoor activities than you can sh.... Read More