• NY requiring adoptions for research cats and dogs

    New York is requiring universities using cats and dogs for research to offer them for adoption through animal shelters, humane societies or private placements. The law applies to higher education research facilities that are tax-exempt or receive public money or else collaborate with institutions getting either public benefit. It first requires a veterinarian at the facility to determine whe.... Read More
  • HAWS hosts pet fair Aug. 20

    The Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County hosts the HAWS Pet Fair on Aug. 20 at Menomonee Falls Rotary Park. The event runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Attendees can shop local vendors for pet products and services, talk to pet experts, watch a police K9 demo, and meet and greet adoptable pets from HAWS and its rescue partners. Micro-chipping will also be available. HAWS requests owners b.... Read More
  • Dog-friendly wineries in the Napa Valley

    You love your dog. You love wine. Lucky for you and Fido there are a number of Napa Valley wineries where you don’t have to choose between the two. Here’s a sampling of wineries that welcome humans and their (well-behaved, leashed) best friends. HALL St. Helena welcomes dogs year-round and in the fall they take the wine-canine connection a step farther with Harvest Hounds, a tasting with p.... Read More
  • Pet travel tips

    From the Travel Channel August is the second-most popular vacation month of the year and Labor Day marks the last big holiday weekend of the summer. If you’re among the millions of people in the United States planning an end-of-summer getaway and if you can’t bear to leave your four-legged family members at home, the Travel Channel offers the following tips for traveling with pets. Fly th.... Read More
  • Pit bulls thrive at training classes in Sheboygan

    Kelsey Taubenheim throws her head back in a fit of giggles at the antics of her pit bull, Maia, on the agility course at the train-a-bull classes hosted by Tilly’s Pit Crew. “You’re not supposed to go under it!” she exclaims, watching Maia try to duck below a bar jump. Taubenheim pulls her large, muscular dog into a bear hug. She marvels at the relaxed environment offered by the classes,.... Read More
  • Who gets Fluffy? Working out joint pet custody

    When Tricia Lerdon and her husband separated, they had to figure out how to share their beloved dachshund, Jetson. “One of us giving up the dog?” she said. “That wasn’t even a conversation.” So while living apart, they co-owned Jetson for several years until he died. He traveled between their homes on the same schedule that their daughter did, so she would have her pet’s company. Pe.... Read More
  • The lively pumi is newest recognized breed

    A high-energy Hungarian herding dog — the pumi — is the latest new breed to be celebrated at the Westminster Kennel Club and many other U.S. dog shows. The American Kennel Club is recognizing the pumi, the 190th breed to join the roster of the nation’s oldest purebred dog registry. That means the pumi can vie for best of breed at Westminster for the first time next February. With coats.... Read More
  • So 1 dog year equals 7 people years? Not so fast… 

    Everyone says it: One year for a dog equals seven years for a human. But like a lot of things everyone says, it’s wrong. Dogs do have life stages a lot like humans, but the math isn’t that straightforward. To start, a 1-year-old dog isn’t equivalent to a 7-year-old human. “If you look at a 1-year-old dog, he’s sexually mature,” says veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker. “They still ha.... Read More
  • SE Wisconsin humane societies waive cat adoption fees in July

    Six shelters in southeastern Wisconsin have agreed to waive adoption fees for adult cats (1 year or older) throughout the month of July. The initiative, the first ever of its kind, comes in response to a recent spike in abandoned cats in the region, according to a press release. “Just eight weeks ago we had empty adoption suites and today, we have more than 160 cats and kittens on our adop.... Read More
  • Dogs sniff out bedbugs with 95 percent accuracy

    Willy, an 18-month-old corgi-Chihuahua mix, was on a mission when he entered a South Bend, Indiana, home. His goal? To find three vials with living bedbugs by sniffing their scent. The dog was accompanied by a canine handler during the demonstration by Rose Pest Solutions at the residence of a Tribune reporter. Willy first found a vial hidden beneath a bed mattress, scratching the area to ale.... Read More