• HAWS joins with ‘Good Morning America’ to promote pet adoption

    HAWS, the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County, is partnering with North Shore Animal League America and ABC network’s Good Morning America to promote dog adoption and awareness of homeless pets, from now until Nov. 22. “We are so excited to be part of this event,” said HAWS executive director Lynn Olenik in a press statement. “There are so many wonderful dogs at HAWS, and a.... Read More
  • Dogs raised for meat rescued, find Oregon homes

    Megan Watkins never wanted a dog until she met Florence, a Tosa mastiff rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm. Watkins, who manages a Starbucks in Bend, Oregon, hosted a grand opening block party in August. She remembers stepping outside the coffee shop and happening to see Florence being walked by Humane Society of Central Oregon Outreach Manager Lynne Ouchida. Watkins, an owner of two .... Read More
  • Animal welfare on state ballots in November

    States across the country on Nov. 8 will vote on initiatives on factory farming, wildlife trafficking and other animal protection issues. Over the past 25 years, voters have approved more than 30 animal welfare ballot measures — halting cockfighting, the use of steel-jawed leg-hold traps, captive hunts for exotic animals, confinement of farm animals in cages and crates, bear baiting and more. .... Read More
  • Animal rescuers respond to Hurricane Matthew

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, American Humane moved its animal rescue team and emergency vehicles into one of the hardest-hit areas to provide emergency aid and reunite pets and people caught in the catastrophe. The national organization was working with the Palmetto Animal League to help displaced pets at its shelter in Okatie, South Carolina, and to create a disaster recovery center fo.... Read More
  • Much ado about poo: Feces fuels Hawaii feral feline debate

    Two wildlife issues have collided in Hawaii, pitting one group of animal defenders against another in an impassioned debate. The point of contention? Deadly cat poop and the feral felines that produce it. Federal researchers believe feces from the legions of feral cats roaming Hawaii is spreading a disease that is killing Hawaiian monk seals, some of the world’s most endangered marine mammals.... Read More
  • Planning and coping with losing a best friend

    By Lauren Kosk, Amarillo Globe-News via AP The day will come. There will be a final romp at the dog park, a final hunting trip, a final scratch at the bathroom door, a final mouse left on the porch or a final snuggle before bedtime. It is the day when the click of your pet’s paws ceases to sound through your home. It is the day when a beloved pet leaves this world. As pets take a more cent.... Read More
  • Pet costumes not just for Halloween any more

    AP and WiG Wally the Welsh corgi used to get dressed up to go trick-or-treating for Halloween, often as a banana, once as a dinosaur. But Wally, whose companion humans are Marc and Cynthia Dalangin of Wharton, New Jersey, doesn’t go trick-or-treating anymore. He’s got 100,000 Instagram followers, as well as modeling jobs for the Queen Mary Two and pet treat brands. Even without Halloween, h.... Read More
  • Most and least pet-friendly cities

    From American Pet Products Association To many of us, pets are family — only furrier. It’s only natural, then, to seek out the places where these relatives of ours can enjoy the best quality of life. According to an American Pet Products Association survey, a record 65 percent, or 79.7 million, American households today own a pet. And at one point, pet owners had access to only a handful of .... Read More
  • Marketing human cuisine as pet food

    Imagine a warm, fragrant entrée of oven-baked chicken with whole-grain brown rice, steamed yellow squash and pan-wilted spinach. Or slow-roasted leg of lamb with pearl barley, broccoli and crispy whole-wheat croutons with cheddar cheese. Those aren’t offerings at a tony French bistro. They’re on the menu at Chef K9’s Doggy Bistro and Café in Pompano Beach, Florida, which customizes meals.... Read More
  • Dog reunited with family months later

    By Hana Frenette, Pensacola News Journal John and Nancy Robertson had just settled into their chairs along the white sands of Florida’s Navarre beach when they received a frantic phone call from their new dog-sitter. Teddy, the Massachusetts couple’s 3-year-old black and white Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, had escaped after being dropped off a few hours earlier and was nowhere to be found..... Read More