• A gift guide for animal companions

    The Associated Press asked a couple of pet lifestyle experts to describe ways people might celebrate the holiday season with their pets. Some of the answers: Buy your parrot a piñata full of dried fruit. Put a tiny video camera around your cat's neck and let it record some Christmas memories. Or build a holiday dinner around your dog's gluten-free needs. Some pet stores and shelters host photo fu.... Read More
  • Choosing houseplants that are safe for pooches

    In addition to offering charm and living texture, houseplants are excellent oxygen producers that are good for the home environment. But some plants are not good – and even deadly – for dogs.  Pets are a precious part of the family, and many of them spend most of their time indoors. So it's extremely important to know which indoor plants can be harmful to them. Puppies are a particular challe.... Read More
  • Poll finds furry pals on America’s holiday shopping list

    Just over half of American pet owners will buy gifts for their pets this holiday season, and they'll spend an average of $46 on their animals, with toys and treats topping the list, according to a new poll. Sixty-eight percent of pets getting gifts can look forward to a toy, 45 percent to food or another treat, 8 percent new bedding, 6 percent clothing, 3 percent a leash, collar or .... Read More
  • Tips to keep Fido on the floor, off the guests

    The holidays often involve visits from family and friends, but unless your dog keeps all four on the floor, you might be the one in the doghouse. Some people will be frightened by a dog that greets guests at the door by jumping up. Others may be allergic, frail or easily knocked off balance. A pawmark or doggy drool on guests' clothing is embarrassing, and while some visitors will say they love do.... Read More
  • Dog lovers exercise political clout in San Francisco

    There are more dogs than kids in the City by the Bay. So it stands to reason dog owners carry a lot of clout – so much so they believe their endorsement can sway the upcoming mayoral race. Dog lovers have formed a political action committee to promote the interests of their four-footed friends, namely space to run free in one of the world’s largest urban national parks. And they are calling on.... Read More
  • Tail Wagger | Honey Bunch

    Meet Honey Bunch Honey Bunch is a 5-year-old American pit bull terrier mix with an incredibly sweet personality and excellent manners. You won’t catch this pretty girl jumping on visitors. She prefers to wag her whole body and greet you with a dance. Calm and gentle, Honey Bunch gets along with people of all ages. Like all of our dogs, she’s been vaccinated, micro-chipped and spayed, so all sh.... Read More
  • Dolphin’s rescue story surfaces on the big screen

    The little injured dolphin they called Winter couldn’t have come along at a better time for the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, a rustic sea life rescue center occupying the Florida city’s old sewage treatment plant. The nonprofit public aquarium was about to go belly-up at the end of 2005, when the baby bottlenose dolphin was brought there after getting her tail entangled in a crab-trap line. She.... Read More
  • Massage therapist rubs pets the right way

    The massage therapist begins in Abby’s neck and shoulder region, gently kneading with her thumbs and the balls of her hands. At first Abby seems wary. She gives me a look that seems to ask, “Excuse me, but exactly who is this strange person and why is she touching me in such a familiar way?” But eventually Abby relaxes, stretching out and staring off into space with her familiar dreamy look..... Read More