• Earthbound adventures

    When I first heard about “Adventureland” (Miramax), a 1980s straight coming-of-age story set mostly in an amusement park, I thought of Todd Stephens’ “Edge of Seventeen.” Only the latter was a 1980s gay coming-of-age story with an amusement park backdrop. Written and directed by Greg Mottola (“Superbad” and the far superior “The Daytrippers”), “Adventureland” is an amusing ta.... Read More
  • Xmas jollies

    After making serious dramatic films such as “Back Soon” and “3-Day Weekend,” gay filmmaker Rob Williams puts his delightful sense of humor on display with the hilarious comedy “Make The Yuletide Gay.” The farce surrounds college student Olaf (Keith Jordan), who is out and proud on campus, but thinks he’s closeted where his family and neighbors back home in Wisconsin are concerned. Th.... Read More