• Stages and screens (and discs)

    “Glee: The Music” (Columbia) Am I the only gay person in America who doesn’t watch “Glee”? I dig the concept, and the casting of out actress Jane Lynch is a coup, but I can’t get around the fact that a show with such a massive LGBT following is on Fox. Both volumes 1 and 2 of season one’s “Glee: The Music” compilations make good use of the transformation that occurs when modern p.... Read More
  • Ho, ho, ho for a British holiday

    It is practically all any pop music lover can talk about these days, especially with the holidays approaching: The Beatles stereo box set (Capitol), also available in mono, contains the 13 original UK albums, remastered and repackaged with essential artwork, historical and recording notes, and mini-documentaries. The collection has undeniably revived Beatlemania, and would make a sensational gift..... Read More
  • Diva, diva, diva, diva

    Out of his five studio albums, it’s interesting that Rufus Wainwright chose to release a live album recorded during the tour for his fifth, “Release The Stars.” But eight of the songs on the CD portion of the live double-disc CD/DVD set “Milwaukee At Last!” (Decca) derive from that disc. Wainwright sounds genuinely taken aback at the enthusiastic reception he receives on show opener “R.... Read More
  • Don’t just sit there…

    David Guetta is this year’s Mark Ronson. He’s the kind of producer/remixer with whom all the stars (and wannabes) want to work. His “One Love” (Astralwerks/Gum Prod) features a mind-blowing array of artists, including Kid Cudi, Akon, Kelly Rowland, Estelle, Black Eyed Peas and out artist Chris Willis. As with many multi-artist discs, this one is a hit-or-miss proposition. But when Guetta h.... Read More
  • Clicking with listeners

    A few weeks before the beginning of October’s LGBT History Month observances, gay male musicians were dominating most of the top slots on Logo’s Click List music video program. If you’ve been following the voting, that’s the way it’s been over the course of the summer, and it looks like it will likely continue into the fall. Tom Goss and Phil Putnam are a couple of kings, or should I say.... Read More