• AmbassadorX

    By Joey Grihalva As someone who writes about local arts and culture, I inevitably find myself discussing the “state of Milwaukee music.” Everyone seems to agree “the scene” is the best it’s been in a long time, but there are varying opinions on what’s missing. Having lived in Minneapolis, I inevitably compare the two cities. Beyond a local government that actively embraces and fun.... Read More
  • The enchanting aesthetic of Seasaw

    By Joey Grihalva Last month I attended my first concert at Milwaukee's Back Room @ Colectivo while the cafe was still open. I learned that the Back Room is setup as such that you can hear the music if you’re just hanging out in the cafe. However, what you miss by not being in the Back Room is an intimate atmosphere with great acoustics. Madison based folk-pop duo Seasaw opened the show that.... Read More
  • Rocket Paloma set to release debut EP

    By Joey Grihalva With a few notable exceptions — like ‘80s power pop outfit The Shivvers and ‘90s alternative rockers Garbage — the Wisconsin music scene has been largely dominated by male musicians. That trend is beginning to change as female-led bands proliferate around the state. Groups such as Phox, GGOOLLDD, Seasaw, New Boyz Club, Tigernite, and Reyna are now among the most succe.... Read More
  • SXSW: 4 bands headed to music fest denied entry into US

    Organizers of the South by Southwest music festival say at least four international bands have been denied entry into the U.S. and that other performers have had their visa waivers revoked. SXSW officials said this week that every year there are some issues with bands entering the U.S. for various reasons. But the latest travel problems come amid tensions over President Donald Trump's execu.... Read More
  • BLAX returns with new album ‘Be Well’

    By Joey Grihalva Milwaukee rapper BLAX is back with a new album — Be Well — produced by Reason. It premiered today on the national hip-hop website Born Adebisi Agoro, the wordsmith became known as a spoken word poet in the early 2000s. Agoro is also an original founder of the defunct but beloved Milwaukee hip-hop band Fresh Cut Collective. In 2010, Agoro moved to New Yo.... Read More
  • Platinum Boys hit the road, new album on the way

    By Joey Grihalva It’s shaping up to be a big spring for Wisconsin music. By the time beach weather arrives we’ll have new records from Whips, WebsterX, Midnight Reruns, and one of Milwaukee’s choicest rock outfits, Platinum Boys. The P-Boys second full-length — BUZZ — is a fantastic follow-up to their 2015 debut, Future Hits. A few singles, the Junior Varsity EP, plus a consistent to.... Read More
  • The mystic, wandering, rebel love of Abby Jeanne

    It’s a warm spring night in 2015. I’m at a house jam in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood. In the middle of the session, a young woman named Abby Gurn walks in. She exudes a tough, take-no-shit kind of cool. Abby — known by her stage name Abby Jeanne — smiles and takes a seat near one of the speakers. She closes her eyes and the music washes over her. It’s not long before she takes.... Read More
  • Q&A: “La La Land” composer on his moment in the spotlight

    For “La La Land” composer and songwriter Justin Hurwitz, it’s been a long, laborious ride from dreaming up the musical with his old college roommate Damien Chazelle over six years ago to becoming the toast of awards season. His catchy score and songs have broken through, too, securing their own place in the spotlight and overshadowing the likes of Justin Timberlake and Lin Manuel-Miranda .... Read More
  • The Fatty Acids weird, winding road

    By Joey Grihalva When I moved back to Milwaukee in late 2013, the most talked about local band was The Fatty Acids. The psych-rocking four-piece — at that time a sextet — were fresh off the release of Boléro, their third full-length and one of the best Wisconsin albums in recent memory. Almost a year later, my girlfriend and I went to the Polish Falcon ballroom for Canopies’ Maximize Y.... Read More
  • The rebirth of Twin Brother

    By Joey Grihalva Ever since he was old enough to drink, West Allis native Sean Raasch has been playing music in Milwaukee area bars and clubs. He first made a name for himself as one half of the band Jackraasch — “an angsty, sloppy, rockin’ two piece” — with drummer Tyler Nelson. The duo became known for power chords, upbeat songs, shout singing, and plenty of partying. In 2012, Raa.... Read More