• Profiles in subversion

    Decades ago now, my history-teaching dad gave me a yellowed copy of John F. Kennedy’s “Profiles in Courage” with the instruction, “Read.” Robert Kennedy, in the forward, said his brother’s book contained “not just stories of the past but a hook of hope and confidence for the future. What happens to the country, to the world, depends on what we do with what others have left us.” But.... Read More
  • Wonder years

    Back in the Sixties and Seventies, when a young boy was in his formative years there was no question of being openly gay. Yet there were a number of courses one could take. Most kids did a good job of blending in, some gave up and wore feather boas, and then there were those who tried but had the boa sticking out of their back pocket. Eric Poole’s new memoir "Where's My Wand" (from Amy Einhorn B.... Read More
  • Fighting the ‘Good’ War

    James Lord, in his career as a biographer and memoirist, created revealing portraits of Gertrude Stein, Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso and Alberto Giacometti and a vivid documentary of life in post-WWII France. Lord, who died in August 2009 at the age of 86, was an intimate of Picasso and Giacometti. He knew the Parisian arts community. The New York Times, in an obituary, described him as a “a kind.... Read More
  • Spring reading list

    Poetry in motion National Poetry Month (April) has come and gone, but it left us with plenty to ponder and enjoy. Queer poets led the way with several releases of note. The late gay poet Jame Schuyler’s “Other Flowers: Uncollected Poems” (Farrar Straus Giroux, 2010), edited by James Meetze and Simon Pettet, arrives almost 20 years after his passing and nearly 30 years after he received the P.... Read More
  • Rise, fall, rise of Verace

    The first bullet that hit Gianni Versace also fatally wounded a mourning dove. That is the kind of detail readers get from Wall Street Journal reporter and author Deborah Ball in her riveting “House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder and Survival,” a new non-fiction work from Random House/Crown Publishing that must be on some desks in Hollywood. Ball knows her job well – how to r.... Read More
  • ‘Little Giant,’ little gem

    “The Little Giant of Aberdeen County” is the kind of book you hold in your hand like a gem, a precious thing that gives you comfort and somewhat indulgent pleasure. The novel, from Grand Central Publishing, is Tiffany Baker’s first. Often a “first” means the reader must forgive problems with plot or characterization, language or style, but not so in the case of “The Little Giant of Abe.... Read More
  • Author C.M. Harris to appear at Chippewa Valley Community Center

    Author C.M. Harris revisits her roots in the novel “The Children of Mother Glory,” which is set in the turn-of-the century Midwest. Like her heroine Glory Potter, she was raised in a rural church sect. Unlike Harris, however, the fictional Potter remains in the religious community. Instead of serving her father’s ministry, as she is expected to do, Potter emerges as a dominant matriarchal fi.... Read More
  • Men of the dance

    “Men in Motion” displays the lithe, muscled bodies of about 50 male dancers, demonstrating that they are as athletic as sports figures. There is not an ounce of body fat anywhere in this oversized volume, which includes 130 muted-color photographs of the dancers performing various movements. Both ballet and modern dance require great control over the body. Dancers must stretch to assume and su.... Read More
  • Winter reading list

    Were you able to give or receive the books that you wanted for the holidays? Of course, that’s what gift receipts and gift cards are for. Looking back on 2009, it would be safe to declare it the year of the memoir. Among the numerous memoirs published are a significant number of titles by LGBT writers or of LGBT interest. The following is a list of books that will make the winter months more bea.... Read More
  • Bowie biography chronicles changes

    David Bowie knows what he’s singing about when he performs “Changes.” After making a big splash in the early 1970s as Ziggy Stardust, he went on to become the Thin White Duke, an artsy Berlin angst rocker, the “straight” Bowie of “Let’s Dance” and, more recently, the distinguished rock elder who goes to fashion events with his model wife Iman. The career full of characters obscures.... Read More