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    It’s tucked away on the lower level of the Milwaukee Art Museum. Folded in a corner near 19th-century American painting and decorative arts, it feels like some sort of secret – a rich, earthy-toned hallway with a monumental pot glowing at the end. Passing through, you’ll note that the ceiling is an intricate grid of crisp black-and-white lanternslides, many picturing ancient Greek vases and .... Read More
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    Gallery Night on April 16, opened the flood gates of new shows in Milwaukee. As this quarterly evening of art grazing has steadily grown, it seems that every hair salon, restaurant, shoe-shine shop, bank and law firm is climbing on the bandwagon. As a gallery owner, I could be snobby about this and tell everyone to stick to their own business. But the craziness of the night and the diversity of th.... Read More
  • Lines and Language | Current art shows worth road trips

    April is the cruelest month, tempting us with promises of warm sun, soft breezes and thoughts of leisure and vacation. But alas, although the full-blown joys of summer are still weeks away, there are plenty of options for a quick out-of-town excursion to take in some current exhibitions. The Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend Located about an hour from downtown Milwaukee, the Museum of Wisconsin A.... Read More
  • ‘La Donna’ lives up to the hype

    La Donna Velata. To utter her name is to unleash a whispered intimacy. If you haven’t heard, this woman has arrived in our city as a celebrity, an heiress, a most important persona. She is a painting created by Raphael in 1516. The Milwaukee Art Museum is staging a one-painting exhibition of this portrait through June 6. It is a painting famous enough to command a solo show. But why, really, sho.... Read More
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    Gallery night preview Charles Allis Art Museum, 1801 N. Prospect Ave., presents “Forward: A Survey of Wisconsin Art Now,” a recurring exhibition with a title that takes a cue from the state motto and represents a selection of artist-submitted, jury-curated work. The pieces are primarily two-dimensional but create a lively mix. No single style dominates, but an interest in craftsmanship and fig.... Read More