Author : Wisconsin Gazette

  • Hometown Acceptance

    "Do you think she’ll recognize me?” the voice behind me said. I turned, and there was Mrs. R, a woman whose kids I had babysat all through high school. The speaker was Mrs. S. – I had babysat for her a few times, too. It was the first time I had been to my hometown since my mom had moved from it, a year ago. Now my mom was back in town and so was I. I should have expected to see people I kne.... Read More
  • I am one

    We may not yet be apparent, but there are transgender Episcopalians. I am one and, with several transgender sisters and brothers, incarnated an otherwise abstract “issue” at July’s General Convention in Anaheim, California, as a member of the TransEpiscopal delegation that sought recognition of our existence and action on the real issues — social, political, economic, and ecclesial — tha.... Read More
  • Fight with Fair

    Recently we were proud to share with you the news that Fair Wisconsin and Lambda Legal have joined forces to protect Wisconsin’s domestic partnership law from a vicious and meanspirited attack brought by the anti-gay group Wisconsin Family Action. Fair Wisconsin is doing everything it can to make sure these basic legal protections for same-sex couples are upheld in court, but we need your help. .... Read More
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means … to Congress. U.S. Reps. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., and Jared Polis, D-Colo., recently introduced the Respect for Marriage Act, which would repeal the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. We say “so-called” because the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act does not defend marriage, does not provide anything to encourage people to marry or stay m.... Read More
  • Labor Days

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — A majority — 51 percent — of LGBT workers continue to hide their identity from most or all co-workers, according to a report from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation that examines the real-life experiences of LGBT workers.The report, “Degrees of Equality: A National Study Examining Workplace Climate for LGBT Employees,” found that, despite significant advances in empl.... Read More
  • Activists denounce verdict in South African murder case

    NEW YORK — Activists with the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission expressed disappointment with a recent verdict from a court in Delmas, South Africa. The court convicted only one of three men on trial for the murder of lesbian Eudy Simelane. The body of 31-year old Simelane, a soccer player on South Africa’s national women’s team, was found in a field in KwaThema township .... Read More
  • Physical problems ‘often mental’

    Professor Peter Jones, head of psychiatry at the University of Cambridge, said: "Mental health and illness are seen as separate from physical health and disorders but it's becoming increasingly clear that is wrong. "Take smoking and lung cancer. People think of it as a physical illness but lung cancer is a behaviour disease due to smoking habit." Similarly, he said research showed that some cases .... Read More
  • Mexico drug yacht crew burn boat

    The US navy has released footage showing the dramatic reaction of a crew of a luxury yacht smuggling drugs when it realised it had been discovered. The Mexican-flagged vessel was intercepted by the US navy some 700km (435 miles) off the Mexican coast. The crew began hurling bundles of cocaine overboard, set fire to the boat and then jumped into the sea. The Mexican navy managed to recover some of .... Read More
  • Baldwin seeks stronger healthcare reform legislation

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., worked to strengthen the healthcare reform legislation now before Congress. The House Energy and Commerce Committee, on which Baldwin sits, completed its final action on H.R. 3200, America’s Affordable Health Choices Act. Baldwin offered an amendment to improve healthcare for those individuals eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare. “These.... Read More
  • City to Host Freakfest

    MADISON — The city of Madison and Frank Productions announced the line-up of this year’s Freakfest 2009. This year’s event falls on Halloween. The event as before will include a variety of entertainment areas and the biggest costume contest in the city. Headlining the Amp/Z104 stage by the state Capitol this year will be Third Eye Blind and the incredible live band Cage The Elephant along wi.... Read More