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  • N.H. moves closer to repealing same-sex marriage law

    New Hampshire lawmakers moved closer to a vote Tuesday on repealing the state’s 15-month-old same-sex marriage law and replacing it with civil unions for any unmarried adults, including relatives. The House Judiciary Committee voted 11-6 to recommend wiping the gay marriage law off the books and establishing civil unions for any unmarried adults competent to enter into a contract. The committee .... Read More
  • Christian radio host warns that lesbian nurses can make kids gay

    Radio host Linda Harvey of Mission America went on an anti-gay rant during her “Christian” radio show yesterday, warning parents to keep their children away from LGBT healthcare professionals. Her implication was that exposing young kids to LGBT people in a medical setting could turn them gay. Harvey acknowledged that LGBT healthcare professionals “can be certainly competent workers," but sh.... Read More
  • Case of AIDS cure leads to new hope

    The 30-year anniversary of the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic brought with it fresh hope for something that many had come to think was impossible: finding a cure. The example is Timothy Ray Brown of San Francisco, the first person in the world apparently cured of AIDS. His treatment isn’t practical for wide use, but there are encouraging signs that other approaches might someday lead to a cure, o.... Read More
  • Older AIDS survivors face challenges

    Having survived the first and worst years of the AIDS epidemic, when he was losing three friends a day to the disease and undergoing every primitive, toxic treatment that then existed, Peter Greene is grateful to be alive. But a quarter-century after his own diagnosis, the former Mr. Gay Colorado, now 56, wrestles with vision impairment, bone density loss and other debilitating health problems he .... Read More
  • Marilyn Monroe’s iconic subway dress fetches record $4.6 milliom

    The Marilyn Monroe dress that flirted revealingly with a gust of New York subway air in “The Seven Year Itch” fetched a record $4.6 million at an auction of film memorabilia. A more sedate outfit worn by Audrey Hepburn in the Ascot race scene of “My Fair Lady” drew a $3.7 million bid at the sale of nearly 600 Hollywood costumes and props collected by film star Debbie Reynolds. The buyers, .... Read More
  • New York gay marriage vote could come today

    Legislative backroom dealing has cleared the way for a much anticipated and nationally scrutinized showdown on gay marriage in New York as early as today as closed-door talks over additional religious protections appeared to show progress. After a marathon session Tuesday to pass deals involving taxes, state university tuition and other issues, the Republican-led Senate will be able to focus on wh.... Read More
  • New Jersey Senate president calls vote against gay marriage ‘biggest mistake’

    New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney said June 20 that his choice last year not to vote for gay marriage was the worst decision of his nine-year legislative career, the strongest and most public statements he has made on the issue. “Seventeen months ago, I stood up here and made the biggest mistake of my legislative career. I made a decision based purely on political calculations not to v.... Read More
  • Protests erupt over eviction of disabled gay couple from public pool

    A storm of protest has erupted in a small, eastern Kentucky city after a complaint that a worker at a city-owned pool cited the Bible as authority that “gay people” weren’t allowed to swim there and forced two intellectually disabled gay men to leave. “They left the facility crying,” Jordan Palmer, president of the gay-rights group Kentucky Equality Federation, said June 15. “You don't.... Read More
  • Extremists attack gay Pride march in Croatia

    Stone-throwing extremists disrupted a gay Pride march in Croatia on June 11, a day after the Balkan country was given the green light to join the European Union. At least 100 people were detained and many others were injured after opponents of the march in the coastal town of Split attacked about 200 participants with rocks, bottles and firecrackers, state TV reported. Riot police prevented direct.... Read More
  • Anti-gay Christians say they’re victims of bullying

    As the gay-rights movement advances, there’s increasing evidence of an intriguing role reversal: Today, it’s the conservative opponents of that movement who seem eager to depict themselves as victims of intolerance. To them, the gay-rights lobby has morphed into a relentless bully – pressuring companies and law firms into policy reversals, making it taboo in some circumstances to express opp.... Read More