For the Clean Power Plan

Ian L Somerville

I write this letter on behalf of all those who feel that the future of our beautiful state is in jeopardy. I grew up camping and fishing in our pristine north woods. I want others, for generations to come, to be able to enjoy these treasures.

But not supporting the Clean Power Plan, regulation on carbon emissions from power plants, can no longer be ignored. The compounding effects from decades of unchecked carbon pollution are getting worse and worse, for our state, our country and our planet.

We all know U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, denies climate change. But what cannot be denied is that these unchecked carbon emissions are also pollutants and hazardous to the health of your fellow Wisconsinites. Asthma, emphysema and other respiratory illnesses are on the rise and are due to the growing effects of unregulated carbon emission particulates from power plants.

With increased illness comes increased health care costs from both the state and its citizens. Plus, supporting the CPP promotes job growth for clean, renewable energy sources.

Isn’t your family’s health worth reducing carbon emissions?

Sen. Johnson needs to reconsider his position on carbon emissions and support the Clean Power Plan, for a cleaner, healthier Wisconsin future.

Ian L Somerville, Wisconsin

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