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No marriage equality push in Queen’s Speech

Advocates for gay marriage in the United Kingdom expressed disappointment on May 9 that the Queen’s Speech did not contain a call for equality legislation.

The coalition government has said it wants to pass gay marriage legislation by 2015, but no marriage measure was among the 19 bills announced in the speech Queen Elizabeth delivered from the throne to open the next session of parliament.

Stonewall chief executive Ben Summerskill said, “We’re disappointed that this modest measure has not been included in the Queen's Speech.

“We trust that extension of the legal form of marriage to gay people isn't going to turn into a 'tuition fees' issue, announced with much hoopla in the run-up to an important election and then abandoned.

“Stonewall will fight on to push both coalition parties to deliver on their promise to implement this measure by 2015.”

Activists urged the government not to abandon the campaign.

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