The upside of the Tea Party

It is a good thing that WiG has given Wisconsin a voice. As is so often the case, your loosened cannon has targeted a truly heinous foe.

As horrid as the Tea Party’s motives are, they drive the GOP further toward the cliff of the indefensible right-wing extreme. The Republicans are dangerously vulnerable to a political “market correction” in 2012, as demonstrated by the special congressional election in New York.

In 2010, a shamefully large percentage of the Obama coalition (African-Americans, voters under 30 and Hispanics) thought their work was done. Many opted out, as is typical in “off-year” elections.

But the Tea Party has proven to be a gift that progressives gave themselves. The GOP has energized the Democratic base like never before. By blocking the Dream Act and passing “show me your papers please” legislation to “control” the border, the GOP gave Hispanics a reason to return to the polls. By attacking Medicare, the GOP mobilized an army of 50 million elderly Americans with armored walkers. And, of course, in their mania to protect tax loopholes for billionaires, the GOP ruined the good name of the U.S. Treasury for the first time in history.

Thank you for delivering a whole bunch of white middle-class independents.


What a trifecta.

The joke is that libertarian pizza chain moguls, genital shocking, gay-hating pseudo- psychologists and flip-flopping Mormons think they are acting on a mandate. Right now the GOP Congress has a 23 percent approval rating, while the president’s is at 45 percent. Everyday he seems more reasonable and they look sketchier.

The November 2012 elections can’t get here soon enough to sound last call for the Tea Party.

Charles William Feld Jr.
Austin, Texas